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August 5, 2012
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Hetalia: Pregnant!ReaderXEngland- A Wonderful Evening
By: Shadehedgie77
((A/N- I did this Fanfic generator and I got a certain topic. Because I'm such a lazy ass, some things in the requirement I got will probably not show up. So yeah…enjoy?))

You were ushered out of your nap by your husband Arthur to go somewhere. You were reluctant at first but his excitement was overflowing from him as he kept begging you to go. You sighed tiredly and decided to go with him, since he was never truly excited often. He had told you as he brought you to the car that the drive would be rather long and that you could resume your nap in the car. You would usually complain about sleeping in the car, but due to your shy nature and the overwhelming excitement from Arthur, you only nodded and got into the car. True to his words, the drive was quite long and it lulled you back to sleep.
Now, you were just waking up since the car had come to a stop, along with your unborn child gently kicking you. You looked outside the window as you propped yourself back up into a sitting position. It was getting close to sunset, and you were parked in a field in god knows where. Curious, you unbuckled and got out of the car.
The sight was beautiful. The long soft blades of grass swayed slowly in the light breeze that was passing over the field, which also carried various petals from flowers that were speckled here and there. You spun around to see the beautiful field surrounded you.
"This is wonderful…" you breathed, gently putting a hand to your stomach. Then something grabbed your other hand and spun you around into a gentle embrace.
"I wanted to have a nice sunset picnic with you love." Your husband cooed sweetly, making your face heat up. You smiled brightly and turned to face him.
"This is really wonderful Arthur." You whispered, burying your face into his shirt. He smiled and kissed your head.
"Come on, love. Let's go to the hill…" He whispered. You removed your head from his chest and he escorted you to a hill in the field where the grass was shortest. There had been a blanket placed neatly on the grass, along with a basket full of fruit and wine at the top, making you smile.
Arthur sat you down then brought the basket over before sitting next to you. You leaned up against his arm and he kissed your head again in response.
"When did you think of this?" You asked quietly, rubbing circles into your swollen stomach.
"I've been thinking about doing this for awhile, before you got pregnant even. However, when you told me you were pregnant, I decided to hold off, but I wanted to have a special night to ourselves before our child arrives." He replied lovingly. You blushed madly and giggled.
"You make it sound so bad having a kid!" You squeaked in a joking tone. He chuckled and rubbed your arm gently.
"I'm kidding love. Nothing makes me happier than having a child with you." He whispered.
"I know…" You replied tiredly.

As the sun got closer and closer to the horizon, the both of you were having small glasses of the finest wine that the store could offer. You only drank a little only because you didn't want to cause the baby harm. You had been chatting with Arthur quietly about many things, as well as having a bit of the fruit occasionally during the conversations.
Soon the sun was only a sliver over the horizon line as you both lay on the blanket, staring at the color changing sky. You had both quieted down as you watched the sky turn a multitude of wonderful colors and shades. You turned your head to look at your husband, who had a small smile on his lips.
"Arthur…" You started. He turned his head to look at you.
"This has been wonderful, and I would love to do this again sometime even when our child is born."
"Of course love. I would love to do this again as well." He replied tiredly, cupping the side of your face with his hand gently. He then brought his lips to yours and gently kissed you. You blushed deeply and kissed him back, bringing your arms around his neck, and closing your eyes. He did the same, putting his hands around you, bringing you closer until your bodies were up against each other.
However, your stomach was slightly in the way, and the baby inside didn't respond to being squished to well. It kicked you hard making you pull away and blush in embarrassment. Arthur only smiled and put a hand to your stomach.
"Sorry lad." Arthur said playfully as he rubbed circles into your stomach. You giggled and looked at him curiously.
"How do you know it's a boy?" you asked.
"I can tell…" He responded. The baby kicked his hand gently making his smile widen.
"Stop hurting your mum." He teased. You blushing as Arthur talked to your stomach.
'Life couldn't get much better than this…' You thought.
Ok so I did this Fanfic generator...and this is the crappy result.

If you don't like it, fine with me cause I suck at writing.
Also if you want more of my crappy writing, let me know XP

Fell free to give me feedback.

Hetalia (C) Hidekaz Himaruya

You Belong to :iconsexyenglandplz:
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